Wonder Woman [Review]


I managed to watch the Wonder Woman film a second time but this time at a drive in cinema in Kent.

Enjoyable is the perfect description of this film. It wasn’t super dark or knee-slapping hilarious it was this great middle-ground of enjoyable. Director Patty Jenkins did a fantastic job of letting the endearing, light-hearted moments have their stay and blending in funnier situations that didn’t overstay their welcome.

I thought WW was the best DCEU movie by a longshot, and probably one of my favourite comic book movies in a long time. I watch them as a fan and don’t really seem them in a significant light because of their tendencies to be samey.


<<< Spoilers ahead >>>

I liked the script and direction of the film of this genre, and it was really good to see a modern feminist film that doesn’t hold back on “Yay for women”, but also doesn’t pull a “She’s a woman so we have to make it a thing”. The soldiers saw she was a woman and let her do her thing, and that was that.

Gal Gadot and Chris Pine had some real chemistry going on, and even though it didn’t shock me that he’d die at the end, it does add some depth to Diana to know that the only human she’s ever loved has been gone for 100 years. The little “Thanks for bringing him back to me” had genuine emotion behind it. No sad music or lingering shots, just a simple thing that shows a lot of humanity.


And that’s probably what made this movie glue together for me. Man of Steel and Batman v Superman have these cold, objective views of humanity and people that, while sometimes working for these movies, can outright go against the themes/morals of the characters. It’s not a bad thing and certainly separates them from the MCU, but it isn’t always a bad idea to share some idealism. And if you’re Suicide Squad, then you can have your dreary view of trashy people artificially sweetened to be made more like a Marvel movie.

The movie had so much heart. From the Scottish sniper who sings to the suave Arab guy to the rogue Steve Trevor, everyone had something that made them a real person. There were a lot of silly jokes that real people would make, like the one about the ice cream or Steve’s musings about being average.


The last 10 minutes with Diana and Ares duking it out completely went against the rest of the movie and just seemed like they were doing it because that’s what you’re supposed to do in a comic book movie.

Overall, things are looking bright for the DC Universe, and if we get more of this lighthearted optimism in *Justice League*, I’m looking forward to it.

Personal note love the new DC Studios logo. Gives them a real sense of pride in their characters





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